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Subcontractor Insurance Coverage: A Primer

Oct 30, 2023

The responsibility for maintaining proper subcontractor insurance coverage within a construction ...

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The Discovery Phase of the Software Implementation Journey

Aug 23, 2023

Implementing new software is about bridging the gap between where the business is today and the g...

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Mitigating Construction Risk With Technology

Aug 23, 2023

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Recommended Practices for Safety & H...

Risk Management Information Technology Building Profits Leadership
Preparing for a Move to the Cloud

Apr 21, 2023

There are myriad tools available to help elevate your people, projects, and performance by boosti...

Information Technology Building Profits Leadership
Software as a Service Is Maturing to Better Serve Construction

Feb 13, 2023

Like most sweeping generalizations, “the construction industry is slow to adopt technology” can’t...

Building Profits Information Technology
Designing a Sustainable IT Infrastructure

Nov 28, 2022

Over the past few years, the construction industry has seen an increase in technology adoption.

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Protect Your Company’s Health: Cyber Coverage & Hygiene

Sep 23, 2022

As cybersecurity attacks occur every day, those organizations that are prepared before an attack ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance: 7 Considerations Before Seeking Coverage

Jul 22, 2022

Cybersecurity, ransomware, cybercriminals, cyber-attacks, etc., continue to appear across local a...

Information Technology Building Profits Risk Management
The Long-Term Approach to Technology

Jul 22, 2022

In the current business environment, technology is at the forefront of driving both value and cha...

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5 Ways to Protect Against the Dark Web & Shadow IT

Jul 22, 2022

Regardless of whether we want to acknowledge it, construction companies are targets of cybercrimi...

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Best Practices for Monitoring Your Construction Business

Jul 22, 2022

It’s more critical than ever in today’s environment for contractors to closely monitor their proj...

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Bridging Construction’s Digital Data Gap

Jul 22, 2022

Labor shortages and supply chain delays impact a construction company’s ability to maximize proje...

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Aspects of Effective Dashboards

Jul 06, 2022

Once KPIs have been established, an effective dashboard can provide an easily digestible business...

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Construction Industry Trends: 5 Game-Changing Shifts for Accounts Payable in 2022

Jun 01, 2022

The following content is sponsored by AvidXchange. Coming off a tumultuous year, the construction...

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Why Contractors Need Automated Resource Management

May 03, 2022

The following content is sponsored by Tenna. Many contractors struggle with dispatching and logis...

Information Technology
Field & Office Needs

Apr 12, 2022

Do your teams have the tools they need?

Information Technology
What’s going on with the Davis-Bacon Act?

Apr 01, 2022

The following content is sponsored by Payroll4Construction. In March of 2022, the Department of L...

Legal Information Technology
Four Construction Accounting Trends for the Future

Mar 07, 2022

The following content is sponsored by Aktion Associates. Watchlist: The construction industry’s a...

Information Technology
Rescued From Ransomware

Jan 07, 2022

Who doesn’t look forward to a holiday weekend, right?

Specialty Contractors Risk Management Information Technology
Three Tech Resolutions for 2022

Dec 10, 2021

The construction industry has rebounded faster than expected from recent setbacks.

Information Technology
Navigating Disruption: 5 Ways to Minimize Impact

Nov 17, 2021

In construction, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have included rising material cos...

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