The construction industry becomes more complex each year and the role of the construction financial manager follows that trend. The reality the industry faces is that no one can fully see over the horizon. Our best plans are put into motion each day. We need skilled individuals in place who can properly manage those plans and have the knowledge to make the necessary adjustments and decisions. A CCIFP is the bridge between where you are and your final destination.


Who Is a CCIFP?
The Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP) is someone who has voluntarily met the required certification criteria with regard to education, experience, and a demonstrated understanding of the industry’s body of knowledge. A CCIFP values and maintains the highest possible standards of knowledge, competence, and ethical behavior – as high as any other profession on which businesses and the public rely. CCIFPs are recognized as leaders within their organizations and the industry as a whole and have met rigorous standards endorsed by national professional organizations. They stand out from the crowd as professionals with unique skillsets and a body of knowledge level of attainment over and above that of financial generalists.


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2024 Portland CCIFP Study Group


The CFMA Portland Chapter is exploring the possibility of establishing a local study group for those interested in obtaining the CCIFP certification in 2024. Joining a study group has consistently been shown to enhance progress through exam preparation and support achievement of certification goals.


Anticipated commitment for the group study is estimated at 8-10 hours. Additionally, depending on your existing industry experience and educational background, you may need to allocate between 10 to 50 hours for individual study.


To express your interest and aid us in organizing a schedule and format that accommodates most participants, please fill out the survey at CFMA Portland CCIFP Study Group Interest Survey.


For any queries or further information, reach out to us at portland.cfma@gmail.com.