Celebrating CFMA & Certification Integration Progress

Congratulations, CFMA! To still be going strong after 40 years is an amazing testament to the dedication and drive of the many members, volunteers, and staff over the years. Although the Certification Division is not quite that old, the two organizations have been connected since its inception. The founding members of CCIFP Certification were CFMA leaders, and many have since served within the ranks of Certification leadership and governance. As a result of this connected relationship, Certification has grown into the successful program it is today. The Certification Division is thrilled to celebrate CFMA’s 40th anniversary! Cheers to all who have made it so successful.

The Certification Division has passed the six-month mark since the merger with CFMA. While the early implementations of processes and procedures have gone well, the work continues to fully assimilate Certification into CFMA. Both a blueprint and lessons learned are guiding us as we move forward. There is energy and enthusiasm behind our actions.

The recent roll out of instant scoring at both test centers and live remote proctored exams is one example of how we are forging new paths. This means that a candidate will know if they have passed or failed immediately upon completion of the exam. CFMA HQ will still send an official letter, but the wait is over! With the CFMA Officers focusing on Certification, the road ahead appears smooth and straight.

There remains work to be done, including a full website integration, examination development, continued adaptation of our policies and procedures for the new structure, and many other governance-related tasks. We have the plan and are executing it as we go. Additionally, various Certification leaders and staff are included in the development of CFMA’s new strategic plan. The inclusion of Certification further demonstrates CFMA’s focus and dedication to a successful integration and future. Success is inevitable if we keep laser focused!

As the Certification Chair, I want to thank my fellow Certification officers, the Certification Board, and the CFMA Officers, staff, and Executive Committee for making our first six months extremely successful. I appreciate your hard work and know that we will continue to make Certification stronger and grow our ranks.

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