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Cost Codes and Chart of Accounts

  • 1.  Cost Codes and Chart of Accounts

    Posted 11-01-2017 18:50
    Can anyone share how your accounting software tracks both cost codes and account codes on transactions? My current setup has very general account codes for labor, subcontractors, tool rental, etc, similar to the NAHB chart of accounts.

    Reporting at this general level is great and necessary, but I'm looking at the NAHB cost codes and I would like to be able to generate financial reports on these more detailed work categories as well.

    I have already maxed out the "tracking" ability of my accounting software, using it to track individual projects and different divisions within the company.

    What tools are you using to track major accounts and detailed cost codes at the same time?

    BTW, I'm using Xero accounting software, which has similar capabilities to QuickBooks.


    Daniel Forster
    Bookkeeper | Lamont Bros LLC
    Oregon City OR